ML No More

April 2017’s Camp NaNo is over, and with it, my tenure as a London Municipal Liaison for NaNoWriMo.

Camp itself was neither as good as I hoped, nor as bad as I feared.  In my 20k (20.022k to be unnecessarily precise), I got the first draft of The Kingdom of Light done, did a character meme on it that was strangely obsessed with babies, and started planning November’s story.  It’s a bit self-insert-y, but this was a serious year, so the next year doesn’t have to be.  Right?

With that done, I want to talk a little bit about leaving the role.

Not that long ago, I did a post about, among other things, why I liked being an ML.  Reading it back, the reasons are still valid.

I still want to give back to the great NaNoWriMo movement.  I still want to see London NaNo be a comfortable and friendly place for all taking part, and believe I could help with that.  I still want to be able to go up to groups of NaNo-ers and make new friends, without the introvert’s irrational fear of rejection.  And I still love public speaking.

So it’s with a heavy heart that I sent the e-mail to NaNo HQ tending my resignation.  But I still feel it was the right thing for me to do.

I’ve dropped cryptic hints concerning the reasons behind my resignation in this blog of late.  And I’m still not going to spill the full truth here.  If you want that, you can come and ask me personally.

However, there are two main reasons behind it.  They are related.

The first is that I no longer feel able to work on friendly terms with someone of high standing in the London community.  They are not someone who I feel has helped to make London NaNo a comfortable and friendly place for all taking part.

And the second is that I no longer feel able to focus on that myself.  It’s a specific person for whom NaNo no longer feels comfortable.  That specific person, I hold in high esteem.  If I can’t keep the London NaNo community comfortable and friendly for all, I’d rather make sure that this person, along with others I’m close to, and (let’s be honest) myself, feel comfortable, as much as possible.

That goes against what I feel makes a good ML.  (Hm, should’ve put that in the last post.)  It’s blatant favouritism, and it’s putting my own comfort ahead of my fellow writers’.

The ML team won’t miss me all that much.  There are new MLs lined up, who will bring new ideas to the role.  I think they’re grand people, and wish them very well indeed.  Especially with all the admin.  Hey, it’s not all fun and games, and there are things I won’t miss!

To end on a more positive note, standing down as an ML is far from the end of my involvement in NaNo.  As mentioned above, I’m plotting away right now.  Well, not right now, nor even in slightly more general terms: I’ve got some other things I want to do first.

I want to work on some music.  I want to write a review of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a very fine game indeed.  I want not to see Caitlyn Pyre and her miserable friends for a while.  And, for the same selfish reasons I’m quitting as ML, I won’t mind missing out on the next few meetings of Days Are For Writing, the London NaNo-offshoot regular writing group.

But I have an idea for November’s book, I have TKoLiDaR to edit, and I have friends and a culture I want to see again.  Despite the odd bad apple, London NaNo remains a generally friendly culture, full of interesting nerds and nerdy interests.  It feels more like mine than most other subcultures I’ve seen and sampled.

It’s a good place.  Not perfect, especially because I’ll still be around; but good.

TO BE CONTINUED…………………………………………………………….?

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