About This Site

I’m Balladeer, avid member of and former London ML for National Novel Writing Month and infrequent composer.  This site is to provide a public outlet for my writing, my NaNo-time blogging, and, occasionally, my music.  May (does) contain swears, up to and including the c-word.

Writing-wise, most of my material is fantasy, involving dragons and fairies and such.  I’m inspired by Terry Pratchett, although I doubt I’ll ever be as good as he was before the embuggerance caught up with him.  It does mean that I veer more towards lighter jokier writing than the weightier styles of “epic fantasy”, which I find rather dull.

If you want to read a story from the start, the best way to do it is to click its title in Categories; then paste ?order=asc (just as written) onto the end of the url.  That will arrange the posts in ascending chronological order.  It’s the order I tend to post my stories in, that being the only order that makes sense and all.

Composing-wise, it tends to be mostly videogame-inspired stuff.  I can’t say I do a lot of this, since I’m not terribly inspired – the current musical content here is all requests.  If you (yes you) have a request for a videogame-themed or more classical piece, shout it out: I’ll more likely than not give it a go.

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