And GNow for Something Completely Different

I apologise to those who follow this blog for… well, any reason at all really.

Music?  Tindeck went down some time last year, so even the few posts that were music-related no longer serve their purpose.  Writing?  I just rushed through the last bits of my latest wonderful story *cough* to use the blog for another thing.  Anything else?  You’re probably already disappointed.

Terrible puns?  Eh, you deserve what you get.

However, at the same time as begging your forgiveness, I must admit that I’m about to use this blog for my own nefarious purposes.

First, a request.  If you’ve stumbled across my blog from the GNamer Forum, previously and fondly mentioned in these pages, I’d appreciate if you didn’t open the ‘Read More’ tag.  Or if you have already, please leave this blog alone for the next few months; and please please don’t tell any other forumites about it.  I promise (by which I mean ‘hope’) it will be worth it.

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New Story Next Tuesday!

Okay!  That’s enough inactivity for you.  Spark plugs to the chest it is.

I’ve just done NaNoWriMo.  Specifically, I’ve just done my first attempt at an almost completely improvised NaNoWriMo.  None of my usual rigorous planning: I started with a title and a map of a village, and went from there.

(All right, there was a page of Scrivener notes.  That’s still pretty darn improvised for me.)

At the conclusion of NaNoWriMo 2018, the MLs told us not to go straight online and self-publish our novels.  (What is an ML, I hear you cry, and I’m so glad you did.)  This is 100% correct.  A NaNo novel(la) is written under time pressure.  You’re encouraged not to edit.  NaNo is a way of getting a large number of words down on a page, so that you can come back to them, refine them, and turn them into something brilliant.  It is highly unlikely to be something brilliant straight away, in and of itself.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to prove that to you.

I knew that I wouldn’t write anything good this year.  I knew that to the extent that I called my NaNovel ’50k Words of Utter Gubbins’.  I am now going to publish it, in weekly instalments, on the Internet for your pleasure.

I will edit each entry briefly before I put it up; but I won’t change content drastically, or pacing.  It will still very much be a raw NaNo novel.  It will still only be tangentially related, plot-wise, to its name.  It will still not be as good as Tiers of an Angel, which I’m still trying to find the time to clean up.  It will still very much be utter gubbins.

There’s a slim chance, however, that it might be funny.  There’s a slim chance that it might be interesting.  There’s a larger chance that it might be a lesson in Why Not To Publish Your Novel Straight After NaNo.  I’m kind of banking on these three things.

The first chapter of 50k Words of Utter Gubbins goes up on Tuesday 11th December.  I hope you enjoy it.

Update on the Old Blog

Happy 2018 to y’all!  In May.  Jesus.

Okay.  New plan of action.  A stupid fanfiction I wrote with my book group goes up in mid-June, just to keep this damn thing ticking over.  Other story will be beta-read starting from June, so expect it… July?  August?  God knows.  Anyway it’ll be out this year, and hopefully it’ll be beta for the extra attention.

There you are.  A dumb pun and a short irritating update.  Just what you’ve all come to expect from this blog, am I right?

Update on the New Book

Season’s apologies and a happy new year to you all!

‘Apologies’?  Er, yes.  In my last post, I proudly proclaimed that I would show you the new book in January.  Perhaps predictably, this isn’t happening.  Distracted by the festivities, the first draft of the book isn’t finished.

And it needs work before I’m willing to show it to you.  As in, a lot of work.

I anticipate, in fact, that the book will be redrafted in January and February, sent to its first reader in February sometime, reviewed during April’s Camp NaNo (which will hopefully go better than last July’s, when all conversation was dead by mid-month), and ready for public consumption… some time in May or so?

I reckon that’s worthy of some seasonal apologies.  Nonetheless, if anyone’s still reading this, you have shown great patience and forbearance.  Nobody deserves festive joy and a great 2017 more than you.  (Apart from, you know, humanitarian workers and them.)

I Aten’t Dead – A New Book

Oh, hello.  Didn’t see you there, amidst all the dust.  Well while you’re here, stay and read a while.

This blog’s been a bit dead, but I haven’t.  The bad news is that, after this post, it’s probably going back into hibernation for a while: but this time, it’s definitely coming out of it.  It’s coming out of it with a bang.  If you’ve read and enjoyed Faerie Eleison, or even if you just enjoy my writing style outside that work, it’s a bang you’ll want to be around for.

And I can tell you when that bang will happen.

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Pre-NaNo Fatigue

Camp NaNoWriMo is just three and a bit days away, gents and ladygents!  Sharpen your pencils!  Tap the sludge out of your keyboard keys!  Shake down the writing-focussed areas of your grey matter!  Prepare for another whirlwind rollercoaster writing extravaganzoh for God’s sake.

Look.  I have a confession to make.  I am a London ML, and my role is to make sure people are looking forward to Camp NaNo as much as possible.  But here, away from prying eyes, in the comfort of my own blog (that is publicly legible but you wouldn’t know it), can I admit something?

I’m not looking forward to it much myself.

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A Smidgeon of Religion

Hold onto your hats, blogmongers.  Has ol’ Balla got a controversial piece in store for you today.

Well, not really.

That was a statement, not a question.

Well you should have phrased it better then.

I phrased it fine.  It ends with a full stop, it’s a bloody sentence.

Then you shouldn’t have started it with ‘has’.

Look, which one of us wrote 10k in the 28 days of February again?  (Oh look, a wiggly thing with a dot underneath, wonder what that means.)

Both of us, because we’re the same person, you half-crazed devilishly handsome git.  Now are we going to do this blog entry or not?

Yeah alright.  GOD IS BORING.

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