Bamboo Battle

I think that the title actually tells you most of what you need to know, other than that Sibelius’ default soundset is utterly useless for faux-Oriental music.  This was the actual fulfilling of Drunkalilly’s request (again, off the GNamer Forum), and the final piece of music I composed last month – slightly rushed.  Give it a listen and give me feedback.  I need it, it sustains my Internet sense of self.

Next entry: back to the fiction side of things, as Camp NaNoWriMo looms!

Fire Dancer

A less contrived name this time, for a dance track that plays while you’re fighting a lava boss.  Composed for Drunkalilly of the GNamer Forum, after misinterpreting his request entirely.  Oops.  Give it a listen anyway, it’s good stuff given that it’s not really my genre.  Details in the comments, although Tindeck has kindly borked all of my apostrophes in said comment.  Thanks Tindeck.

The piece that actually fulfils Drunkalilly’s request will go up next week.  At the same time, I’ll tell him about this one.  Yes, this piece is a WordPress exclusive: nobody else knows it exists!  Aren’t you lucky?

Bounce! Bounce! Bounce! and other music

It hasn’t escaped me that this blog is called “Ballads and Words”, and yet we’ve had quite a lot of one and not much of the other.  Time I fixed that.

Firstly, here’s all of my music.  I use Sibelius, which has a somewhat limited soundset; but of course, it’s not what you’ve got…  Best listened to through headphones, using Tindeck’s volume control to boost as required.

Much of it is videogame-esque, apart from HiNY and MotQ; and I didn’t really bother putting in proper loop effects until Liscarroll, so most of the earlier pieces just loop once then cut.  Maybe I’ll go back and change that someday.

I particularly want to draw attention to Bounce! Bounce! Bounce! World 1: Elastic Fields, a piece I composed for ZeroJones of the GNamer Forum, home of great Nintendo chat and self-proclaimed nicest place on the Internet.  I took some musical requests off there recently, of which this is the first.  Details in the comment below the piece.

I also took on two other requests, which I’ll also be posting up this month.  Check back later!