The Perks of Being a WAHlflower – Part 3

The leader of the local gym was a woman named Korrina.

Korrina’s job was to battle people, normally children, who managed to complete the (simplistic) gym puzzles and reach her. Her squad of intentionally underpowered Pokémon would provide a moderate challenge. If she was defeated, which happened about seventy per cent of the time, she would award them the gym’s badge. In very rare cases, she then awarded them something else.

This was the extent of her job. It was very boring. The gym was only interesting to roller-skate around so many times, so she whiled aware the hours playing a popular mascot kart-racing game with her Lucario.

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The Perks of Being a WAHlflower – Part 1

Waluigi’s real name isn’t Waluigi. He can’t remember his real name these days.

He’d ask his parents, but he doesn’t know who they are. This is a novelty. In the Mushroom Kingdom, there aren’t many humans, and most of those are held in high esteem. The royal family is human. The kingdom’s heroes are human. There’s a weird space princess who floats around that people believe is human.

Waluigi doesn’t think any of them are his parents. He hopes not. He kind of has a thing about the space princess.

Not that it matters. Not that she’d remember him.

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The Perks of Being a WAHlflower – Waluigi / Slowpoke Fanfiction Part 0

My book group recently had a fanfiction month.  We were each given two characters to write a fanfiction about: then we read them all and voted for/discussed our favourites.  I was given these two, by somebody who, in her own words, ‘hate[s] fanfiction’.  The resulting story came second by a single point, ostensibly because it was too long for a fanfic competition…  Hopefully it’s therefore the perfect length (ten chapters) for a writing blog.  Enjoy!

The telephone rang. It was the fifth time. At the seventh ring, a grubby glove snatched up the golden receiver.

‘Alright already! Who’s this?’

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Update on the Old Blog

Happy 2018 to y’all!  In May.  Jesus.

Okay.  New plan of action.  A stupid fanfiction I wrote with my book group goes up in mid-June, just to keep this damn thing ticking over.  Other story will be beta-read starting from June, so expect it… July?  August?  God knows.  Anyway it’ll be out this year, and hopefully it’ll be beta for the extra attention.

There you are.  A dumb pun and a short irritating update.  Just what you’ve all come to expect from this blog, am I right?

Update on the New Book

Season’s apologies and a happy new year to you all!

‘Apologies’?  Er, yes.  In my last post, I proudly proclaimed that I would show you the new book in January.  Perhaps predictably, this isn’t happening.  Distracted by the festivities, the first draft of the book isn’t finished.

And it needs work before I’m willing to show it to you.  As in, a lot of work.

I anticipate, in fact, that the book will be redrafted in January and February, sent to its first reader in February sometime, reviewed during April’s Camp NaNo (which will hopefully go better than last July’s, when all conversation was dead by mid-month), and ready for public consumption… some time in May or so?

I reckon that’s worthy of some seasonal apologies.  Nonetheless, if anyone’s still reading this, you have shown great patience and forbearance.  Nobody deserves festive joy and a great 2017 more than you.  (Apart from, you know, humanitarian workers and them.)

I Aten’t Dead – A New Book

Oh, hello.  Didn’t see you there, amidst all the dust.  Well while you’re here, stay and read a while.

This blog’s been a bit dead, but I haven’t.  The bad news is that, after this post, it’s probably going back into hibernation for a while: but this time, it’s definitely coming out of it.  It’s coming out of it with a bang.  If you’ve read and enjoyed Faerie Eleison, or even if you just enjoy my writing style outside that work, it’s a bang you’ll want to be around for.

And I can tell you when that bang will happen.

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